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King-of-devils-island About
King of Devil's Island

A prison story focusing on the abuse of power done extremely right. The heart and soul of "King of Devil's Island" is as warm as it is raw; as if William Golding had written Alan Clarke's "Scum" and set it in Norway. While the Bastøy prison system is now known for its elegant liberalism, this film portrays children under siege, fighting for what they see as morality. Beautifully and flawlessly executed.
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    El hombre huevo


    William Golding and Alan Clarke... I saw more Schindler's List, Great Escape and Titanic. It even literally stole Titanic's ending. The definition of "schlock," even worse it manipulates essentially the most basic human emotion in one of the most despicable ways I've ever seen.

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    J. O.


    The Great Escape didn't invent the concept of escaping a prison any more than James Cameron invented a person sinking into water. Schlock? Coming from a person who gave Scarface a five-star rating? Not everything needs to be done à la Oscars. This isn't Shawshank. Frankly, if you can't see the waves of Golding or Clarke's "Scum" then you've must have watched a different movie.