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The girl with the dragon tattoo About
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I agree with Christopher A. Cook in the post down here. At times I felt it too much forced, like a "need-to-be-a-detective" film. I must say (very personally), Fincher's depiction of clues, circumstances, violence and psychological perspectives of atmospheres and characters is just priceless. Maybe I'm too fan of Fincher, I dunno, I don't care, I enjoyed his version a thousand times more. Sail away! Sail away! ;)
  • Picture of Andrés Baldíos

    Andrés Baldíos


    Still... this original swedish version was astonishing, great, a well-deserved swedish classic of modern thriller. But meh! I prefer Fincher's :P

  • Picture of Johnny K

    Johnny K


    A "need-to-be-a-detective" film? The same thing can be said of Fincher's version, which barely improve anything.