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On g legs's Wall

Warning about The Travelling Players. much of it won't make sense if you aren't familiar with modern Greek history. If you get into Angelopoulos, you won't find many people in the Melbourne films scene that you can talk about him with, unless they have recently got into him due to his death. He is just not popular here at all, which is strange considering how big the Greek community is. They don't care either. I heard a few people talking about his films once in video collection but they had no idea what his films were even about. I told you a while ago about the Bergman collection. that's how i saw most of his older, less popular, films.
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    most of the old guards are well liked by cinephiles here though. You won't have trouble finding people to talk about Bergman and Tarkovsky with, for example. The level and depth of understanding tends to vary of course. Guess it depends on what you are looking for.