Photo of Maggie Cheung
Photo of Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung

“I think I started to have thoughts to really want to be serious about my work when I was about twenty five and I just kind of started to look into that direction and moved into it. But it didn't seem as though it was going anywhere because, you know, films without action or comedy are rare to find in Hong Kong, especially if the main character is a woman. But along the way, I've had a few good breaks.”

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    STANLEY KWAN Hong Kong, 1991

    Hailed as the Greta Garbo of China, the tragic silent film star Ruan Lingyu is exquisitely embodied by Maggie Cheung in Stanley Kwan’s sumptuous, metatextual biopic. Now gorgeously restored, this heartbreaking masterpiece profoundly probes the trappings of fame and the impermanence of cinema itself.

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