Photo of Thomas Bo Larsen
Photo of Thomas Bo Larsen

Thomas Bo Larsen

“Jeg tror, at det nærmere er projekter, der rykker ved min egne grænser.”

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    THOMAS VINTERBERG Denmark, 2012

    International star Mads Mikkelsen picked up the Best Actor prize at Cannes for what’s become one of the most acclaimed arthouse films of that decade: Thomas Vinterberg’s provocative allegory of mass hysteria, tightly plotted, with an ending to leave you rattled.

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    NICOLAS WINDING REFN Denmark, 1996

    Before his prison flick Bronson, before his acid trip viking epic Valhalla Rising, before his neon Ryan Gosling vehicle Drive, and before his Bangkok actioner Only God Forgives, Danish hotshot Nicolas Winding Refn’s smash debut was a calling card for all that followed.


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1997

    After he poisons Krogshøj, Dr. Helmer fears another investigation will be launched so comes to his aid. Recovering from her surgery, Mrs. Drusse attends a meeting with the restless spirits, but not everyone’s presence is well received by them. Judith’s son continues to grow at an alarming pace.


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