Photo of Andrea Arnold
Photo of Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold

“Dramatically, I like darkness, I like conflict - but I don't see the world as defined by them. And why would I pretend to? That's not who I am.”

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    ANDREA ARNOLD United Kingdom, 2003

    Reminiscent of the social realism found in her latest triumph Cow, Andrea Arnold’s bracing, Oscar®-winning short was shot on location in her hometown of Dartford. Packing a hefty emotional punch, the film confronts the brutality of working-class motherhood with astonishing frankness and empathy.

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    ANDREA ARNOLD United Kingdom, 2011

    This fresh and contentious adaptation from Andrea Arnold (American Honey) sheds the classic Brontë novel of its Gothic and Romantic trimmings to get at the raw passions simmering underneath. One thing’s for sure: watching this film is as brutally exhilarating as a storm on the Yorkshire Moors!


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