Photo of Léa Mysius
Photo of Léa Mysius

Léa Mysius

“When I write for others, I really put myself at the service of their ideas, their imagination, their film. It’s another job. So in no way does it affect me as a director.”

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    LÉA MYSIUS France, 2022

    Wild with the elemental powers of water, fire, and air, Léa Mysius’s witchy second feature inventively folds a queer love story—featuring a magnetic Adèle Exarchopoulos—in a girl’s time-hopping coming-of-age fantasy. Magic is afoot in this genre-defying family tale of desire, prejudice, and revenge.

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    LÉA MYSIUS France, 2017

    Winner of Cannes Critics’ Week Best Feature Award, Léa Mysius’ beguiling exploration of female sexuality and teenage fears is a life-affirming, infectious blend of ravishing color, whimsical humor, and the dreamy melancholy of a transformative summer. Bonus: that rapturous soundtrack!