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Amanda Awards (Norway)

  1. Pyromaniac
    Best Actress


  2. Welcome to Norway

    Welcome to Norway

  3. Grand Hotel

    Grand Hotel

  4. Every Song a Story

    Every Song a Story

  5. Dugma: The Button
    Best Documentary

    Dugma: The Button

  6. Louder Than Bombs

    Louder Than Bombs

  7. Virgin Mountain
    Best Foreign Film in Theatrical Release

    Virgin Mountain

  8. The Wave
  9. The Wendy Effect

    The Wendy Effect

  10. Two buddies and a badger

    Two buddies and a badger

  11. Villmark Asylum

    Villmark Asylum

  12. Hevn (Revenge)
    Best Actress in a Supporting Role

    Hevn (Revenge)

  13. El Clásico

    El Clásico