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Amanda Awards (Norway)

  1. Tongue Cutters

    Tongue Cutters

  2. Hoggeren


  3. 69 Minutes of 86 Days

    69 Minutes of 86 Days

  4. My Sister
    Best Short Film

    My Sister

  5. Fanny


  6. Handle with Care

    Handle with Care

  7. Moonlight


  8. Arrival


  9. I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake

  10. La La Land

    La La Land

  11. Manchester by the Sea
    Best International Film

    Manchester by the Sea

  12. The rules for everything
  13. The Absence of Eddy Table

    The Absence of Eddy Table

  14. Nowhere to Hide
    Best Documentary

    Nowhere to Hide

  15. The King's Choice

    The King's Choice

  16. The Lion Woman

    The Lion Woman

  17. In the Forest of Huckybucky

    In the Forest of Huckybucky

  18. Hunting Flies

    Hunting Flies

  19. Supervention 2

    Supervention 2

  20. Gilbert's Grim Revenge

    Gilbert's Grim Revenge

  21. Snekker Andersen og Julenissen

    Snekker Andersen og Julenissen

  22. Børning 2

    Børning 2

  23. Framing Mom

    Framing Mom

  24. What Young Men Do

    What Young Men Do