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Asia Pacific Screen Awards

  1. Mustang
  2. Cemetery of Splendour
  3. The Assassin
  4. Right Now, Wrong Then
    Best Performance by an Actor

    Right Now, Wrong Then

  5. Sweet Red Bean Paste
    Best Performance by an Actress

    Sweet Red Bean Paste

  6. Frenzy
  7. Journey to the Shore
  8. Under Electric Clouds
    Achievement in Directing

    Under Electric Clouds

  9. Miss Hokusai
    Best Animated Feature Film

    Miss Hokusai

  10. Tharlo
  11. The Gulls
  12. Dark in the White Light
  13. The Idol
    UNESCO Award

    The Idol

  14. Among the Believers
  15. Mina Walking
  16. Downriver
  17. Stranger
  18. The Look of Silence
  19. When Marnie Was There
  20. The President
  21. Deep in the Heart (The Coffin in the Mountain)
  22. A Corner of Heaven
  23. Sunrise
  24. Set Me Free
  25. Alive
  26. The Snow Queen 2
  27. End of Winter