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Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Balnearios
    Best Argentinean Video Film


  2. Intimate Stories

    Intimate Stories

  3. El bonaerense
  4. Kamchatka


  5. A Red Bear

    A Red Bear

  6. Black Box

    Black Box

  7. Common Ground

    Common Ground

  8. Mercano the Martian

    Mercano the Martian

  9. The Life Jacket Is Under Your Seat

    The Life Jacket Is Under Your Seat

  10. A Lucky Day

    A Lucky Day

  11. Micaela, Una Película Mágica

  12. Sammy and Me

    Sammy and Me

  13. The Last Train

    The Last Train

  14. Amélie


  15. The Son's Room

    The Son's Room

  16. No Man's Land

    No Man's Land

  17. Bolivia
  18. Private Lives

    Private Lives

  19. Herencia