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Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Corpse Bride

    Corpse Bride

  2. The Aura
  3. Gemini


  4. Elsa & Fred
  5. On Probation

    On Probation

  6. Like a Crashed Plane

    Like a Crashed Plane

  7. A Year Without Love

    A Year Without Love

  8. The Dignity of the Nobodies

    The Dignity of the Nobodies

  9. The Wind

    The Wind

  10. Hermanas


  11. The Die Is Cast

    The Die Is Cast

  12. Hours Go By

    Hours Go By

  13. Blessed by Fire
  14. 2046
  15. Downfall


  16. The Sea Inside
    Best Foreign Film, Spanish Language

    The Sea Inside

  17. Whisky


  18. Ferpect Crime

    Ferpect Crime

  19. Live-In Maid
  20. The Ninth Day

    The Ninth Day

  21. Buenos Aires 100km

    Buenos Aires 100km

  22. Whisky Romeo Zulu

    Whisky Romeo Zulu

  23. Cachimba


  24. Vereda tropical

    Vereda tropical

  25. Cautiva
  26. Seawards Journey

    Seawards Journey