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Athens International Film Festival

  1. Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name

  2. The Florida Project

    The Florida Project

  3. Mother!


  4. Ava


  5. Loveless


  6. Thelma


  7. You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here

  8. The Other Side of Hope

    The Other Side of Hope

  9. A Fantastic Woman

    A Fantastic Woman

  10. Happy End

    Happy End

  11. Manifesto


  12. The Rider
    The Golden Athena Award for Best Film

    The Rider

  13. Beach Rats

    Beach Rats

  14. Chavela
    The Golden Athena Best Music & Film Award


  15. Last Men in Aleppo

    Last Men in Aleppo

  16. My Happy Family

    My Happy Family

  17. Foxtrot
    City of Athens Best Director Award


  18. Princess Cyd

    Princess Cyd

  19. Wonderstruck


  20. Jupiter's Moon

    Jupiter's Moon

  21. The Nile Hilton Incident

    The Nile Hilton Incident

  22. Pop Aye

    Pop Aye

  23. A Man of Integrity

    A Man of Integrity

  24. Beauty and the Dogs

    Beauty and the Dogs

  25. Close-Knit


  26. Rebel in the Rye

    Rebel in the Rye

  27. Mrs. Hyde

    Mrs. Hyde

  28. Play


  29. Good Manners

    Good Manners

  30. Mobile Homes
    Audience Award

    Mobile Homes

  31. Whitney: Can I Be Me

    Whitney: Can I Be Me

  32. Axolotl Overkill

    Axolotl Overkill

  33. Maneki Neko

    Maneki Neko

  34. Brazuca


  35. The Sower

    The Sower

  36. Nico, 1988

    Nico, 1988

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