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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. City of Jade

    City of Jade

  2. Lantouri


  3. Mother Knows Best

    Mother Knows Best

  4. Havarie


  5. La Cupola

    La Cupola

  6. Agony


  7. A Maid for Each

    A Maid for Each

  8. Trivisa


  9. Nakom


  10. Short Stay

    Short Stay

  11. The End

    The End

  12. Tales of Two Who Dreamt

    Tales of Two Who Dreamt

  13. Time Was Endless

    Time Was Endless

  14. While the Women Are Sleeping

    While the Women Are Sleeping

  15. Humidity


  16. We Are Never Alone
    Reader Jury of the Tagesspiegel

    We Are Never Alone

  17. An Outpost of Progress

    An Outpost of Progress

  18. The Lovers and the Despot

    The Lovers and the Despot

  19. Refugee Blues

    Refugee Blues

  20. Zona Norte

    Zona Norte

  21. White Bird

    White Bird

  22. Oustaz


  23. Houses Without Doors

    Houses Without Doors

  24. Siv Sleeps Astray

    Siv Sleeps Astray

  25. The Dress on Her

    The Dress on Her

  26. Blue Bicycle

    Blue Bicycle

  27. Piece of Land

    Piece of Land

  28. Rudolf Thome - Flowers Forever

    Rudolf Thome - Flowers Forever

  29. Deadweight


  30. Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

    Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

  31. Another City

    Another City

  32. Jonathan


  33. Zhaleika
    Special Mention: Best Feature Film - Generation 14plus International Jury


  34. Shepherds and Butchers

    Shepherds and Butchers

  35. Death in Sarajevo

    Death in Sarajevo

  36. Dog Days

    Dog Days