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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Repulsion
  2. Alphaville
    Golden Bear


  3. Le bonheur
  4. The Knack ...and How to Get It

    The Knack ...and How to Get It

  5. Six in Paris

    Six in Paris

  6. Love 65
    Honorable Mention: FIPRESCI Prize

    Love 65

  7. Secrets Behind the Wall

    Secrets Behind the Wall

  8. Cat Ballou
  9. Shakespeare Wallah
  10. The Railrodder
    Honorable Mention: Short Film

    The Railrodder

  11. Thomas the Impostor

    Thomas the Impostor

  12. The Obsessed of Catulé

    The Obsessed of Catulé

  13. Pajarito Gómez
    Best Feature Film Suitable for Young People (Youth Film Award)

    Pajarito Gómez

  14. Wälsungenblut


  15. The Art of Living

    The Art of Living

  16. Ninety Degrees in the Shade
    UNICRIT Award

    Ninety Degrees in the Shade

  17. Charulata