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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
  2. From Dusk Till Dawn
  3. Thesis
  4. Picnic
  5. Mahjong
    Honorable Mention: Alfred Bauer Award


  6. Hustler White
  7. The King of Masks
  8. The Watermelon Woman
    Best Feature Film (Teddy)

    The Watermelon Woman

  9. Mary Reilly
  10. It's My Party
  11. Paris Was a Woman
    Reader Jury of the Siegessäule

    Paris Was a Woman

  12. Things I Never Told You
  13. News from the Good Lord
  14. When the Cat's Away
    FIPRESCI Prize (Panorama)

    When the Cat's Away

  15. My Man
  16. Eye for an Eye
  17. Village of Dreams
  18. Rainclouds Over Wushan
  19. Twilight of the Gods
  20. Carried Away
  21. The Country Doctor
    Best Short Film (Silver Berlin Bear)

    The Country Doctor

  22. Saint Clara
  23. Diary of a Seducer
  24. Éxtasis
  25. Unforgettable
  26. I'll Be Your Mirror
    Best Feature Film (Teddy)

    I'll Be Your Mirror

  27. Charm's incidents
    Caligari Film Award

    Charm's incidents

  28. The Sun Has Ears
  29. A Summer in La Goulette
  30. Faithful
  31. A Tickle in the Heart
  32. My Friend Joe
    Children's Film Festival Award of the Senator for Women, Youth and Family

    My Friend Joe

  33. Portland
  34. Strangled Lives
    Alfred Bauer Award

    Strangled Lives

  35. Sexy Sadie
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