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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. A Separation
  2. The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse

  3. Pina


  4. Tomboy
    Teddy Jury Prize (Panorama)


  5. The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

    The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

  6. Sidewalls


  7. The Future

    The Future

  8. Jess + Moss

    Jess + Moss

  9. Scenes from the Suburbs

    Scenes from the Suburbs

  10. Life in a Day

    Life in a Day

  11. The Guard
  12. Lost Land

    Lost Land

  13. Bullhead


  14. The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

    The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

  15. The Prize
  16. Art History

    Art History

  17. We Were Here

    We Were Here

  18. Margin Call

    Margin Call

  19. Silver Bullets

    Silver Bullets

  20. Bombay Beach

    Bombay Beach

  21. Our Grand Despair

    Our Grand Despair

  22. Above Us Only Sky

    Above Us Only Sky

  23. Coriolanus


  24. Suicide Room

    Suicide Room

  25. The Fatherless
    Honorable Mention: Best Debut Film

    The Fatherless

  26. Dreileben: Beats Being Dead

    Dreileben: Beats Being Dead

  27. Night Fishing
    Golden Bear (Shorts)

    Night Fishing

  28. Totally True Love

    Totally True Love

  29. Almanya: Welcome to Germany

    Almanya: Welcome to Germany

  30. Target


  31. Barzakh
  32. The Salt of Life

    The Salt of Life

  33. The Devil's Double

    The Devil's Double

  34. Familiar Grounds
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Forum of New Cinema)

    Familiar Grounds

  35. Sleeping Sickness
    Best Director (Silver Berlin Bear)

    Sleeping Sickness

  36. The Women on the 6th Floor

    The Women on the 6th Floor

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