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Bratislava International Film Festival

  1. Perfect Sense
    International (Audience Award)

    Perfect Sense

  2. Las acacias
  3. 17 Girls
    Student Jury Award

    17 Girls

  4. Stockholm East
    Best Actress

    Stockholm East

  5. Alois Nebel

    Alois Nebel

  6. Guilty
    Best Director


  7. The Night Watchman
    Best Documentary

    The Night Watchman

  8. Combat Girls

    Combat Girls

  9. The Salt of Life

    The Salt of Life


  11. Sundays
    Best Short Film


  12. Another Silence

    Another Silence

  13. Visible World
    Best Actor

    Visible World

  14. The House
    Best Slovak Film (Audience Award)

    The House

  15. Toll Booth

    Toll Booth