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Brooklyn Film Festival

  1. Not That Kind of Guy

    Not That Kind of Guy

  2. Corral
    Best Narrative Feature


  3. Bad Mood

    Bad Mood

  4. Strong Son

    Strong Son

  5. 4 North A

    4 North A

  6. Under the Heavens
  7. Perfect as Cats
    Spirit Award - Experimental

    Perfect as Cats

  8. The Fourth Wall

    The Fourth Wall

  9. Gossamer Folds
    Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Best New Director

    Gossamer Folds

  10. Gets Good Light

    Gets Good Light

  11. Your Own Bullshit

    Your Own Bullshit

  12. Brothers: A Family Film

    Brothers: A Family Film

  13. A Period Piece

    A Period Piece

  14. Procrastinators


  15. Looking for You

    Looking for You

  16. Under


  17. My Body Given for You

    My Body Given for You

  18. Before the Blue

    Before the Blue

  19. The Great Malaise
    Best Animation

    The Great Malaise

  20. Crowded