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Brooklyn Film Festival

  1. The Christmas Rabbit

    The Christmas Rabbit

  2. Give
    Best Short Documentary


  3. Ethos


  4. Duppy
    Audience Award - Experimental


  5. Breach
  6. A P E x

    A P E x

  7. Wild Woman

    Wild Woman

  8. Oh My Dog!

    Oh My Dog!

  9. Hi-Five the Cactus
    Audience Award - Animation

    Hi-Five the Cactus

  10. When We Meet Again

    When We Meet Again

  11. Pink Gold

    Pink Gold

  12. Nemtsov Bridge

    Nemtsov Bridge

  13. David's Voice
    Audience Award - Short Documentary

    David's Voice

  14. They Call Us Warriors

    They Call Us Warriors

  15. Okaasan (Mom)

    Okaasan (Mom)

  16. Montana


  17. Casualties
    Audience Award - Short Narrative


  18. Babs


  19. Atlantic City

    Atlantic City

  20. One Bedroom
    Best Brooklyn Project

    One Bedroom

  21. Life is Fare

    Life is Fare

  22. Golnesa


  23. Afghan Cycles
    Best Documentary

    Afghan Cycles

  24. Asian Girls

    Asian Girls

  25. Goodbye, Brooklyn

    Goodbye, Brooklyn

  26. Birds Without Feathers
    Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Style

    Birds Without Feathers

  27. Counterfeit Kunkoo
    Best Narrative Short

    Counterfeit Kunkoo

  28. The Death, Dad & Son
    Best Animation

    The Death, Dad & Son

  29. Threads


  30. Where are you?

    Where are you?

  31. The Wayward Wind

    The Wayward Wind

  32. That Part

    That Part

  33. A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect

    A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect

  34. Take Your Time

    Take Your Time

  35. Sunny Side Up

    Sunny Side Up

  36. Shoe Horn/Office

    Shoe Horn/Office

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