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César Awards

  1. Mauvais sang

    Mauvais sang

  2. Betty Blue

    Betty Blue

  3. Jean de Florette

    Jean de Florette

  4. Manon of the Spring

    Manon of the Spring

  5. The Mission

    The Mission

  6. Thérèse
  7. 'Round Midnight

    'Round Midnight

  8. Mélo
  9. Ménage


  10. Max mon amour

    Max mon amour

  11. Pirates
  12. Scene of the Crime

    Scene of the Crime

  13. Rosa la rose, fille publique

    Rosa la rose, fille publique

  14. Guardian of the Night

    Guardian of the Night

  15. Black Mic Mac

    Black Mic Mac

  16. Descent Into Hell

    Descent Into Hell

  17. Fugitives


  18. Family Business

    Family Business

  19. The Nonentity

    The Nonentity

  20. The Woman of My Life

    The Woman of My Life

  21. Noir et blanc

    Noir et blanc

  22. Alger la blanche

    Alger la blanche

  23. A Girl

    A Girl