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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. The Drudgery Train

    The Drudgery Train

  2. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

    The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

  3. Paradise
    Best Documentary Short (Silver Hugo)


  4. The Pub

    The Pub

  5. Cadaver


  6. The Scapegoat

    The Scapegoat

  7. Marie Krøyer

    Marie Krøyer

  8. Of Snails and Men

    Of Snails and Men

  9. An Open Heart

    An Open Heart

  10. Waiting for P.O. Box

    Waiting for P.O. Box

  11. The Chair

    The Chair

  12. Westerland


  13. Marla


  14. The Last Ice Merchant

    The Last Ice Merchant

  15. Mr. Christmas

    Mr. Christmas

  16. Paul
    Best Narrative/Live Action Short (Silver Hugo)


  17. Next Door Letters
    Best Student Film (Gold Plaque)

    Next Door Letters

  18. This Is London

    This Is London

  19. Bound by Flesh

    Bound by Flesh

  20. Boys Are Us

    Boys Are Us

  21. Jail Caesar

    Jail Caesar

  22. The Color of the Sky

    The Color of the Sky

  23. Friend Request Pending

    Friend Request Pending

  24. The Final Member

    The Final Member

  25. Where the Buffalo Roam

    Where the Buffalo Roam

  26. Astrid


  27. A Caretaker's Tale

    A Caretaker's Tale

  28. The World is Funny

    The World is Funny

  29. Ellen is Leaving

    Ellen is Leaving

  30. Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds

  31. The Cleaner

    The Cleaner

  32. As Goes Janesville

    As Goes Janesville

  33. Art of Conflict

    Art of Conflict

  34. alaskaLand


  35. Agon


  36. The Bella Vista

    The Bella Vista