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Cinequest San Jose Film Festival

  1. Clean Hands
    Best Documentary Feature Film

    Clean Hands

  2. Work/Friends
    Best Short Form Television Pilot/Short Form


  3. Pozole
    Best Narrative Short Film (Comedy)


  4. Apartment 413

    Apartment 413

  5. Auggie


  6. Bite Me

    Bite Me

  7. Borderline


  8. Bring Me an Avocado
    Audience Award (Drama Feature)

    Bring Me an Avocado

  9. #Like


  10. Clownvets


  11. The Edge of Success

    The Edge of Success

  12. Grind Reset Shine

    Grind Reset Shine

  13. Impossible Monsters

    Impossible Monsters

  14. Last Sunrise
    Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Feature Award

    Last Sunrise

  15. Lucky Fifty

    Lucky Fifty

  16. Lupe


  17. The Passengers

    The Passengers

  18. Princess of the Row

    Princess of the Row

  19. Red Letter Day

    Red Letter Day

  20. Repossession


  21. Same Boat

    Same Boat

  22. Senior Escort Service
    Visionary Award

    Senior Escort Service

  23. The Social Ones
    Audience Award (Comedy Feature)

    The Social Ones

  24. Suburban Wildlife

    Suburban Wildlife

  25. Taboo


  26. This Is Our Home

    This Is Our Home

  27. The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke

    The Tiny Life of Butcher Duke

  28. Trio


  29. The Truth About Marriage

    The Truth About Marriage

  30. Undercover
    Best Television Pilot - Long Form


  31. Vanilla


  32. The Way You Look Tonight

    The Way You Look Tonight

  33. Every Time I Die

    Every Time I Die

  34. Go Back to China

    Go Back to China

  35. Guest Artist

    Guest Artist

  36. Behind the Bullet

    Behind the Bullet

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