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David di Donatello Awards

  1. The Seduction of Mimi

    The Seduction of Mimi

  2. Brother Sun, Sister Moon
    Best Director

    Brother Sun, Sister Moon

  3. X, Y & Zee
    Best Foreign Actress

    X, Y & Zee

  4. This Kind of Love
    Best Film

    This Kind of Love

  5. In Prison Awaiting Trial
    Best Actor

    In Prison Awaiting Trial

  6. The Working Class Goes to Heaven

    The Working Class Goes to Heaven

  7. Fiddler on the Roof
    Best Foreign Actor

    Fiddler on the Roof

  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Best Foreign Director

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

  9. A Girl in Australia
    Best Actress

    A Girl in Australia

  10. Mary, Queen of Scots
    Special David

    Mary, Queen of Scots

  11. The Wind Blows Free
    Special David

    The Wind Blows Free