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David di Donatello Awards

  1. Jane Eyre
    Best Costume Design

    Jane Eyre

  2. August Vacation

    August Vacation

  3. Follow Your Heart

    Follow Your Heart

  4. Celluloid
  5. Strangled Lives

    Strangled Lives

  6. The Nymph

    The Nymph

  7. Ulysses' Gaze

    Ulysses' Gaze

  8. Smoke
  9. Mighty Aphrodite

    Mighty Aphrodite

  10. Beyond the Clouds
    Best Cinematography

    Beyond the Clouds

  11. Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud

    Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud

  12. The Star Maker

    The Star Maker

  13. La seconda volta

    La seconda volta

  14. Romanzo di un giovane povero

    Romanzo di un giovane povero

  15. Who Killed Pasolini?
    Best Editing

    Who Killed Pasolini?

  16. The Graduates

    The Graduates

  17. Palermo-Milan One Way

    Palermo-Milan One Way

  18. The Meter Reader
    Best New Director

    The Meter Reader