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David di Donatello Awards

  1. Bread and Tulips

    Bread and Tulips

  2. Canone inverso - Making Love

    Canone inverso - Making Love

  3. A Chinese in a Coma

    A Chinese in a Coma

  4. La carbonara

    La carbonara

  5. My Head's Spinning
    Best New Director

    My Head's Spinning

  6. I Love Andrea

    I Love Andrea

  7. But Forever in My Mind

    But Forever in My Mind

  8. The Sky is Falling

    The Sky is Falling

  9. All About My Mother
    Best Foreign Film

    All About My Mother

  10. East Is East

    East Is East

  11. Garage Olimpo

    Garage Olimpo

  12. The Nanny
  13. Un uomo perbene
    Best Supporting Actor

    Un uomo perbene

  14. Un Amore

    Un Amore