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Dubai International Film Festival

  1. Days of Boredom

    Days of Boredom

  2. Our Forbidden Places

    Our Forbidden Places

  3. The Class

    The Class

  4. Mental
    Documentary (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  5. My Marlon and Brando

    My Marlon and Brando

  6. Tulpan
    Best Actor - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  7. Treeless Mountain
    Best Film - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Treeless Mountain

  8. Dernier Maquis
  9. Salt of This Sea
    Best Scriptwriter - Feature

    Salt of This Sea

  10. Teza
    Best Composer - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  11. Firaaq
    Best Editor - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  12. Masquerades
  13. I Want to See

    I Want to See

  14. The Aquarium

    The Aquarium

  15. Sea Point Days

    Sea Point Days

  16. Heaven on Earth
    Best Scriptwriter - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Heaven on Earth

  17. Dawn of the world

    Dawn of the world

  18. Rain


  19. I Loved So Much...

    I Loved So Much...

  20. Casanegra
  21. At Day's End
    2nd Place: Short (Muhr Arab Award)

    At Day's End

  22. Expectations
    Short (Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize)


  23. We Went to Wonderland

    We Went to Wonderland

  24. Native Dancer

    Native Dancer

  25. The Forgotten Woman

    The Forgotten Woman

  26. The Birthday

    The Birthday

  27. The One Man Village
    Muhr Arab Special Jury Prize

    The One Man Village

  28. Moon at the Bottom of the Well
    Best Actress - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Moon at the Bottom of the Well

  29. Izulu lami

    Izulu lami

  30. Zimbabwe


  31. The Heart of Jenin
    People's Choice Award

    The Heart of Jenin

  32. The North Road

    The North Road

  33. Do You Remember Adil?

    Do You Remember Adil?

  34. Survival Song
    Documentary (Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize)

    Survival Song

  35. These Hands

    These Hands

  36. China Is Still Far Away

    China Is Still Far Away

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