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Dubai International Film Festival

  1. Television
    Special Mention: Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  2. Infiltrators
  3. Pieta
    Best Director - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  4. Wadjda
  5. Ernest and Célestine
    People's Choice Award

    Ernest and Célestine

  6. Walker
  7. Three Sisters
    Best Director - Documentary (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Three Sisters

  8. Inside
  9. The Land of Hope
  10. Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing
  11. Ship of Theseus
    Best Actress - Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)

    Ship of Theseus

  12. Thy Womb
  13. Today
  14. Bekas
    People's Choice Award


  15. Silent
    Best Film - Short (Muhr AsiaAfrica Award)


  16. Light in the Yellow Breathing Space
  17. Yema
    Best Director - Feature (FIPRESCI Prize)


  18. Miss Lovely
  19. Valley of Saints
    Feature (Muhr AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize)

    Valley of Saints

  20. Taboor
  21. Ziba
  22. My Shoes
  23. Waiting for P.O. Box
  24. Defining Love: A Failed Attempt
  25. Winter of Discontent
    Best Actor - Feature

    Winter of Discontent

  26. Touch of the Light
  27. The Great Kilapy
  28. Familial Fever
    Best Director - Short (FIPRESCI Prize)

    Familial Fever

  29. Zabana!
  30. This Path Ahead
  31. True Stories of Love, Life, Death and Sometimes Revolution
  32. It Was Better Tomorrow
    Best Director - Documentary

    It Was Better Tomorrow

  33. Him, Here After
  34. My Afghanistan: Life in the Forbidden Zone
  35. Dance of Outlaws
  36. Baghdad Messi
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