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European Film Awards

  1. Blue Is the Warmest Color
  2. The Best Offer

    The Best Offer

  3. The Missing Picture

    The Missing Picture

  4. Child's Pose

    Child's Pose

  5. The Congress
    European Animated Feature Film

    The Congress

  6. I'm So Excited!

    I'm So Excited!

  7. Letter


  8. The Golden Cage
    Audience Award

    The Golden Cage

  9. Honey


  10. Butter Lamp

    Butter Lamp

  11. Misterio


  12. The Priest's Children

    The Priest's Children

  13. The Plague

    The Plague

  14. Cut
  15. Houses With Small Windows

    Houses With Small Windows

  16. L'escale


  17. Benvenuto Presidente!

    Benvenuto Presidente!

  18. Searching for Sugar Man

    Searching for Sugar Man

  19. In the House

    In the House

  20. The Broken Circle Breakdown

    The Broken Circle Breakdown

  21. Paradise: Faith
    European Sound Designer

    Paradise: Faith

  22. Blancanieves
  23. Oh Boy
  24. Hannah Arendt

    Hannah Arendt

  25. Kon-Tiki


  26. Death of a Shadow
    European Short Film

    Death of a Shadow

  27. A Story for the Modlins

    A Story for the Modlins

  28. Fill the Void
    European Cinematographer (Carlo di Palma Award)

    Fill the Void

  29. The Suicide Shop

    The Suicide Shop

  30. The Deep

    The Deep

  31. Call Girl

    Call Girl

  32. Eat Sleep Die

    Eat Sleep Die

  33. Love Is All You Need

    Love Is All You Need

  34. Nuclear Waste

    Nuclear Waste

  35. Pinocchio


  36. The Waves

    The Waves

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