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Fajr Film Festival

  1. Midday Event
    Best Movie

    Midday Event

  2. A Dragon Arrives!

    A Dragon Arrives!

  3. Life+1Day
  4. The Daughter

    The Daughter

  5. Lantouri
  6. Bodyguard
    Best Actor in a Leading Role


  7. Zapas
    Best Actress in a Supporting Role


  8. Sound and Fury
    Best Cinematography

    Sound and Fury

  9. Mina's Choice

    Mina's Choice

  10. Me - Man

    Me - Man

  11. Standing in the Dust
    Best Film

    Standing in the Dust

  12. Where Are My Shoes?

    Where Are My Shoes?

  13. Däwit


  14. Walnut Tree

    Walnut Tree

  15. Avalanche