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Fajr Film Festival

  1. A Russian Youth
  2. Midnight Traveler

    Midnight Traveler

  3. Belonging


  4. The Warden
    Special Jury Award (Best Directing)

    The Warden

  5. Dance with Me
  6. Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness

    Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness

  7. A Hairy Tale
  8. Castle of Dreams

    Castle of Dreams

  9. The Element of Crime

    The Element of Crime

  10. Kömür

  11. Excess Will Save Us
    Silver Simorgh for Best Short Film

    Excess Will Save Us

  12. When the Moon was Full

    When the Moon was Full

  13. Suddenly a Tree

    Suddenly a Tree

  14. African Violet

    African Violet

  15. The Wall

    The Wall

  16. Numbness


  17. Hotel New Moon

    Hotel New Moon

  18. Fish Cracker

    Fish Cracker

  19. The Unseen

    The Unseen

  20. The Narrow Red Line
    NETPAC Prize

    The Narrow Red Line

  21. None of Your Business

    None of Your Business

  22. Baharestan, House of Nation

    Baharestan, House of Nation

  23. Sweet Agony 2

    Sweet Agony 2

  24. Spring Sparrow
    Silver Simorgh for Special Jury Prize

    Spring Sparrow

  25. Windshriek


  26. My Second Year in College

    My Second Year in College

  27. Heroes


  28. Woman at War

    Woman at War

  29. Manta Ray

    Manta Ray

  30. The Announcement
    Best Feature Film in Eastern Vista Section

    The Announcement

  31. The Guilty

    The Guilty

  32. Sunset


  33. Widow of Silence

    Widow of Silence

  34. Summer Survivors

    Summer Survivors

  35. Yomeddine


  36. The Little Comrade

    The Little Comrade

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