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Fribourg International Film Festival

  1. Nova Friburgo

    Nova Friburgo

  2. What Happens to a Displaced Ant

    What Happens to a Displaced Ant

  3. The Bony Lady

    The Bony Lady

  4. Volta


  5. Packing Heavy

    Packing Heavy

  6. The Cannibal Club

    The Cannibal Club

  7. I, Tonya

    I, Tonya

  8. The Seen and Unseen
    The Youth Jury Award COMUNDO

    The Seen and Unseen

  9. Araby


  10. Foxtrot
    The Youth Jury Award COMUNDO


  11. A Taxi Driver

    A Taxi Driver

  12. Revenge


  13. Sweet Country

    Sweet Country

  14. Makala


  15. Beauty and the Dogs

    Beauty and the Dogs

  16. What Will People Say
    BCF Audience Award

    What Will People Say

  17. Sarah Plays a Werewolf

    Sarah Plays a Werewolf

  18. The Battleship Island

    The Battleship Island

  19. Vazante


  20. Man of Pa'aling
    Best International Short Film

    Man of Pa'aling

  21. White Noise

    White Noise

  22. Euthanizer


  23. Ravenous


  24. A Handful of Stones

    A Handful of Stones

  25. Retouch


  26. Greetings from Aleppo

    Greetings from Aleppo

  27. Tom of Finland

    Tom of Finland

  28. Out of Paradise

    Out of Paradise

  29. The Emigrants

    The Emigrants

  30. Puppy Love
    Réseau Cinéma Suisse

    Puppy Love

  31. Whatever


  32. My Mum's Bonkers

    My Mum's Bonkers

  33. Iku Manieva

    Iku Manieva

  34. Kâbus


  35. Green Days by the River

    Green Days by the River

  36. After My Death
    Special Jury Prize

    After My Death

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