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Genie Awards

  1. Gaz Bar Blues

    Gaz Bar Blues

  2. Gambling, Gods and LSD
    Best Documentary

    Gambling, Gods and LSD

  3. Ararat
  4. The Negro

    The Negro

  5. Fubar


  6. The Mysterious Miss C.

    The Mysterious Miss C.

  7. Max
  8. Quebec-Montreal


  9. Between Strangers
  10. The Hungry Squid
    Best Animated Short Film

    The Hungry Squid

  11. Glasses


  12. Perfect Pie
  13. Inside

  14. Le collectionneur

    Le collectionneur

  15. Duct Tape Forever

    Duct Tape Forever

  16. Savage Messiah
  17. Is the Crown at War with Us?

    Is the Crown at War with Us?

  18. Men with Brooms

    Men with Brooms

  19. Flower & Garnet

    Flower & Garnet

  20. Bollywood/Hollywood


  21. Khaled


  22. Remembrance


  23. Turning Paige

    Turning Paige

  24. Les Boys III

    Les Boys III

  25. Rare Birds

    Rare Birds

  26. I Shout Love
    Best Live Action Short Drama

    I Shout Love