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German Film Awards

  1. Good Bye Lenin!
    Best Screenplay (Gold)

    Good Bye Lenin!

  2. Heaven
  3. A Map of the Heart

    A Map of the Heart

  4. Grill Point
  5. Vaya con Dios
    Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Gold)

    Vaya con Dios

  6. Help! I'm a Boy

    Help! I'm a Boy

  7. The Piano Teacher
    Best Foreign Film

    The Piano Teacher

  8. Nowhere in Africa
  9. The White Sound
  10. What to Do in Case of Fire

    What to Do in Case of Fire

  11. Mostly Martha
  12. Manitou's Shoe
  13. The Slurb
  14. Black Box BRD
    Best Documentary (Gold)

    Black Box BRD

  15. Never Mind the Wall

    Never Mind the Wall

  16. Getting My Brother Laid

    Getting My Brother Laid

  17. No Regrets
  18. Help! I'm a Fish

    Help! I'm a Fish