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German Film Awards

  1. The Wave
  2. Cherry Blossoms
  3. Absurdistan
    Best Production Design (Gold)


  4. The Edge of Heaven
  5. Yella
  6. The Three Robbers

    The Three Robbers

  7. Eight Miles High

    Eight Miles High

  8. Counterparts


  9. And Along Come Tourists

    And Along Come Tourists

  10. Trade
  11. To the Limit

    To the Limit

  12. Love Life
  13. Pool of Princesses
    Outstanding Documentary (Gold)

    Pool of Princesses

  14. According to Plan
    Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Gold)

    According to Plan

  15. Bis zum Ellenbogen

    Bis zum Ellenbogen

  16. The Calling Game

    The Calling Game

  17. Ein fliehendes Pferd

    Ein fliehendes Pferd

  18. Du bist nicht allein

  19. Lissi and the Wild Emperor

    Lissi and the Wild Emperor

  20. Leroy
  21. Black Book

    Black Book

  22. Shoppen