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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Another Round

    Another Round

  2. Nomadland


  3. Days


  4. Beginning


  5. Undine


  6. Summer of 85

    Summer of 85

  7. DAU. Natasha

    DAU. Natasha

  8. Ammonite


  9. Bad Tales

    Bad Tales

  10. No Hard Feelings

    No Hard Feelings

  11. The Truffle Hunters

    The Truffle Hunters

  12. Wife of a Spy

    Wife of a Spy

  13. Gunda


  14. True Mothers

    True Mothers

  15. Your Name Engraved Herein

    Your Name Engraved Herein

  16. Sometime, Sometime

    Sometime, Sometime

  17. Listen


  18. Sweet Thing

    Sweet Thing

  19. Lonely Rock

    Lonely Rock

  20. Temple of Devilbuster

    Temple of Devilbuster

  21. Get the Hell Out

    Get the Hell Out

  22. Dear Comrades!

    Dear Comrades!

  23. Apples


  24. The Silent Forest

    The Silent Forest

  25. Gull


  26. Memory House

    Memory House

  27. The Big Hit

    The Big Hit

  28. The Trip to Greece

    The Trip to Greece

  29. Dna


  30. I Carry You with Me

    I Carry You with Me

  31. Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

    Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

  32. Little Hilly

    Little Hilly

  33. Night Bus
    Golden Horse Award - Best Animated Short Film

    Night Bus

  34. The Story of Southern Islet
    Best New Director

    The Story of Southern Islet

  35. Classmates Minus
  36. Bin Bin

    Bin Bin

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