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Göteborg Film Festival

  1. The Black Garment

    The Black Garment

  2. All About My Father
    FIPRESCI Prize

    All About My Father

  3. Jiyan


  4. Hold My Heart

    Hold My Heart

  5. The Bricklayer
    Best Nordic Film

    The Bricklayer

  6. Made in Iceland

    Made in Iceland

  7. Va savoir

    Va savoir

  8. Brainstorm


  9. The Grey Zone

    The Grey Zone

  10. Engel & Joe

    Engel & Joe

  11. Truly Human

    Truly Human

  12. The Warrior

    The Warrior

  13. Love the Hard Way

    Love the Hard Way

  14. Replay


  15. Mostly Martha

    Mostly Martha

  16. Suck My Dick

    Suck My Dick

  17. Taxi para tres

    Taxi para tres

  18. Queenie in Love

    Queenie in Love

  19. Shake It All About

    Shake It All About

  20. Family


  21. Flower Island

    Flower Island

  22. Children: Kosovo 2000

    Children: Kosovo 2000

  23. Starbuck - Holger Meins

    Starbuck - Holger Meins

  24. Gas Attack

    Gas Attack

  25. The Milk of Human Kindness

    The Milk of Human Kindness

  26. The Price of Forgiveness

    The Price of Forgiveness

  27. Me and Morrison

    Me and Morrison

  28. Sailing Home

    Sailing Home

  29. Women's Expectations

    Women's Expectations

  30. Black Box BRD

    Black Box BRD

  31. The River
    Church of Sweden Film Award

    The River

  32. Martha... Martha

    Martha... Martha