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Goya Awards

  1. All About My Mother
  2. Butterfly's Tongue
  3. Crane World
  4. Dying of Laughter
  5. Goya in Bordeaux
  6. Juan, I Forgot I Don't Remember
  7. It All Starts Today
  8. Solas
  9. Nobody Knows Anybody
  10. No One Writes to the Colonel
  11. The Yellow Fountain
  12. The Ugliest Woman in the World
  13. La Ciudad de Los Prodigios
  14. Manolito Gafotas
  15. Volavérunt
  16. Flowers from Another World
  17. Paris-Timbuktu
    Best Supporting Actor


  18. Beloved/Friend
  19. Los lobos de Washington
  20. Jealousy
  21. Cuando Vuelvas a Mi Lado
  22. Second Skin
  23. Lisbon
  24. The Dinner Game
  25. Twice Upon a Yesterday (If Only...)
  26. Life Is to Whistle
    Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

    Life Is to Whistle

  27. Golpe de estadio
  28. Life Is Beautiful
    Best European Film

    Life Is Beautiful

  29. Black Tears