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Havana Film Festival

  1. The Prize
    Special Mention: Best First Work

    The Prize

  2. Hard Labor
    3rd Place: First Work

    Hard Labor

  3. Chinese Take-Away
    Special Mention: Best Film

    Chinese Take-Away

  4. Swirl
    First Work (Special Jury Prize)


  5. Southwest
    Best Artistic Contribution


  6. Bonsái
    Best Film (FIPRESCI Prize)


  7. Back to Stay
    2nd Place: First Work

    Back to Stay

  8. The Silver Cliff

    The Silver Cliff

  9. Mother and Daughter

    Mother and Daughter

  10. Heleno
    Best Actor


  11. The Swimming Pool
    Narrative (CARACOL Award)

    The Swimming Pool

  12. Las Carpetas
    2nd Place: Documentary

    Las Carpetas

  13. The Marriage
    Special Mention: Best Documentary

    The Marriage

  14. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

    Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

  15. El infierno
  16. The Kid Who Lies
    Best Screenplay

    The Kid Who Lies

  17. Agnus Dei: The Lamb of God
    Grand Coral - First Prize (Documentary)

    Agnus Dei: The Lamb of God

  18. Beyond the Grave

    Beyond the Grave

  19. Diary, Letters, Revolutions
    Documentary (Special Jury Prize)

    Diary, Letters, Revolutions