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Hong Kong Film Awards

  1. A Hero Never Dies

    A Hero Never Dies

  2. Expect the Unexpected

    Expect the Unexpected

  3. The Longest Nite

    The Longest Nite

  4. The Longest Summer

    The Longest Summer

  5. Who Am I?
  6. Anna Magdalena

    Anna Magdalena

  7. Hold You Tight

    Hold You Tight

  8. Beast Cops
  9. Sleepless Town
  10. City of Glass

    City of Glass

  11. A True Mob Story

    A True Mob Story

  12. The Storm Riders
  13. 9413
  14. Till Death Do Us Part

    Till Death Do Us Part

  15. Extreme Crisis

  16. Your Place or Mine!

    Your Place or Mine!

  17. Hitman


  18. Young and Dangerous: The Prequel
    Best New Performer

    Young and Dangerous: The Prequel

  19. The Conman

    The Conman

  20. Hot War

    Hot War

  21. Portland Street Blues

    Portland Street Blues