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Hong Kong Film Awards

  1. Lady Vengeance

    Lady Vengeance

  2. Three Times

    Three Times

  3. Election
  4. S.P.L.: Kill Zone

    S.P.L.: Kill Zone

  5. Seven Swords

    Seven Swords

  6. Perhaps Love
  7. The Myth

    The Myth

  8. Everlasting Regret

    Everlasting Regret

  9. Drink-Drank-Drunk


  10. The Promise

    The Promise

  11. Initial D
  12. B420
  13. Mob Sister

    Mob Sister

  14. Divergence


  15. 2 Young
  16. Crazy N' the City

    Crazy N' the City

  17. A Chinese Tall Story

    A Chinese Tall Story

  18. Dragon Reloaded

    Dragon Reloaded

  19. House of Fury

    House of Fury

  20. Wait 'Til You're Older

    Wait 'Til You're Older

  21. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

  22. Mountain Patrol
    Best Asian Film

    Mountain Patrol

  23. Be With You

    Be With You

  24. Rice Rhapsody

    Rice Rhapsody

  25. Bug Me Not

    Bug Me Not