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Hong Kong International Film Festival

  1. Queen of Hearts
    Best Actor (World)

    Queen of Hearts

  2. Ghost Town Anthology

    Ghost Town Anthology

  3. Honeyland


  4. Varda by Agnès

    Varda by Agnès

  5. Divine Love

    Divine Love

  6. I Was at Home, But...

    I Was at Home, But...

  7. Synonyms


  8. The Ground Beneath My Feet

    The Ground Beneath My Feet

  9. One Child Nation

    One Child Nation

  10. We Are Little Zombies

    We Are Little Zombies

  11. Acid Rain

    Acid Rain

  12. Past Perfect

    Past Perfect

  13. Midnight Family
    Best Documentary

    Midnight Family

  14. Marighella


  15. E-Ticket


  16. Mr. Mare

    Mr. Mare

  17. Memory: The Origins of Alien

    Memory: The Origins of Alien

  18. Entropia


  19. Blue Hour

    Blue Hour

  20. The Golden Legend

    The Golden Legend

  21. Innocent Witness

    Innocent Witness

  22. Sea of Shadows

    Sea of Shadows

  23. 12 Suicidal Teens

    12 Suicidal Teens

  24. Hellhole
    Best Director (World)


  25. Bad People

    Bad People

  26. Give Me a Ride
  27. Campo


  28. A Dog Barking at the Moon

    A Dog Barking at the Moon

  29. A Long Goodbye

    A Long Goodbye

  30. Winter After Winter

    Winter After Winter

  31. Mens


  32. Advocate
    Best Documentary (Jury Prize)


  33. The Nikaidos' Fall

    The Nikaidos' Fall

  34. Bodies at Rest

    Bodies at Rest

  35. Burning


  36. This Magnificent Cake!

    This Magnificent Cake!

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