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IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival

  1. Batrachian's Ballad
    Special Mention: Amnesty International Award (IndieJunior)

    Batrachian's Ballad

  2. Sonita
    Schweppes IndieMusic Award (Audience Award)


  3. Kate Plays Christine
    Honorable Mention: Grand Prize City of Lisbon (IndieJunior)

    Kate Plays Christine

  4. The Hunchback
    Best Portuguese Short Film

    The Hunchback

  5. Short Stay
    FIPRESCI Award

    Short Stay

  6. In the Last Days of the City
  7. Treblinka
    Best Portuguese Feature Film


  8. Young Lady
  9. World of Tomorrow
    Format Court Award (IndieJunior)

    World of Tomorrow

  10. Baden Baden
  11. The New Kid
  12. This Summer Feeling
  13. James White
  14. Chevalier
  15. Flotel Europa
  16. Olmo and the Seagull
  17. Kill Me Please
  18. The Family
    Grand Prize City of Lisbon

    The Family

  19. Under the Sun
  20. The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse
    Audience Award (IndieJunior)

    The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse

  21. Small Talk
    Best Short Film (Audience Award)

    Small Talk

  22. Eva Doesn't Sleep
    RTP Award (IndieJunior)

    Eva Doesn't Sleep

  23. Maxamba
    FSCH/NOVA Award