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Independent Spirit Awards

  1. Au revoir les enfants

    Au revoir les enfants

  2. The Dead
  3. Barfly


  4. Dirty Dancing
    Best First Feature

    Dirty Dancing

  5. Matewan
  6. Swimming to Cambodia

    Swimming to Cambodia

  7. Hope and Glory

    Hope and Glory

  8. Prick Up Your Ears

    Prick Up Your Ears

  9. The Whales of August

    The Whales of August

  10. Hollywood Shuffle

    Hollywood Shuffle

  11. The Glass Menagerie

    The Glass Menagerie

  12. Tough Guys Don't Dance

    Tough Guys Don't Dance

  13. The Stepfather

    The Stepfather

  14. Shy People

    Shy People

  15. Best Seller

    Best Seller

  16. Siesta


  17. Street Smart

    Street Smart

  18. Slam Dance

    Slam Dance

  19. Anna
  20. River's Edge

    River's Edge

  21. The Big Easy

    The Big Easy

  22. Working Girls

    Working Girls