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Istanbul International Film Festival

  1. We Are What We Are

    We Are What We Are

  2. Family Tree

    Family Tree

  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

  4. A Prophet

    A Prophet

  5. An Education

    An Education

  6. Precious


  7. Away We Go

    Away We Go

  8. Everyone Else

    Everyone Else

  9. Police, Adjective

    Police, Adjective

  10. The Lovely Bones

    The Lovely Bones

  11. Red Riding: 1974

    Red Riding: 1974

  12. Crazy Heart

    Crazy Heart

  13. The Maid

    The Maid

  14. Red Riding: 1980

    Red Riding: 1980

  15. FILM IST. a girl & a gun

    FILM IST. a girl & a gun

  16. No One Knows About Persian Cats

    No One Knows About Persian Cats

  17. Samson and Delilah

    Samson and Delilah

  18. Red Riding: 1983

    Red Riding: 1983

  19. The Good Heart

    The Good Heart

  20. We Live in Public

    We Live in Public

  21. Double Take

    Double Take

  22. Dead Snow

    Dead Snow

  23. Cold Souls

    Cold Souls

  24. All Tomorrow's Parties

    All Tomorrow's Parties

  25. Brotherhood


  26. Metropia


  27. The Age of Stupid

    The Age of Stupid

  28. Gigante


  29. My Dog Tulip

    My Dog Tulip

  30. Afghan Star

    Afghan Star

  31. The Thorn in the Heart

    The Thorn in the Heart

  32. The Ape

    The Ape

  33. Big River Man

    Big River Man

  34. Persécution


  35. Easier with Practice

    Easier with Practice

  36. She, a Chinese

    She, a Chinese

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