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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. Shelter Me
    European Silver Ribbon

    Shelter Me

  2. Hotel Meina

    Hotel Meina

  3. A Dream House Nightmare

    A Dream House Nightmare

  4. 2061: An Exceptional Year

    2061: An Exceptional Year

  5. Concrete Romance

    Concrete Romance

  6. Lezioni di cioccolato

    Lezioni di cioccolato

  7. Come tu mi vuoi

    Come tu mi vuoi

  8. Don't Waste Your Time, Johnny!
    Best Producer

    Don't Waste Your Time, Johnny!

  9. Nelle tue mani

    Nelle tue mani

  10. The Viceroys
  11. Sympathy For the Lobster
    Best Producer

    Sympathy For the Lobster

  12. Night Bus

    Night Bus

  13. Piano, solo

    Piano, solo

  14. The Right Distance
  15. Fallen Heroes

    Fallen Heroes

  16. Four Minutes

    Four Minutes

  17. Odette Toulemonde

    Odette Toulemonde

  18. Basette
  19. Tideland


  20. The Wind Blows Round

    The Wind Blows Round

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