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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. Jules and Jim
    Best Foreign Director

    Jules and Jim

  2. L'Eclisse


  3. The Easy Life

    The Easy Life

  4. Mafioso


  5. Salvatore Giuliano

    Salvatore Giuliano

  6. Boccaccio 70

    Boccaccio 70

  7. His Days Are Numbered

    His Days Are Numbered

  8. Family Diary
  9. The Four Days of Naples

    The Four Days of Naples

  10. When a Man Grows Old

    When a Man Grows Old

  11. Tiko and the Shark

    Tiko and the Shark

  12. Smog
  13. Paris, My Love

    Paris, My Love

  14. The Condemned of Altona

    The Condemned of Altona

  15. Imperial Venus

    Imperial Venus

  16. A Taste of Honey

    A Taste of Honey

  17. El Cid

    El Cid

  18. Shadows