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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. My Mother's Smile

    My Mother's Smile

  2. Respiro
  3. Burning in the Wind

    Burning in the Wind

  4. Black Angel
    Best Costume Design

    Black Angel

  5. Paz!
  6. The Council of Egypt
    Best Production Design

    The Council of Egypt

  7. From Zero to Ten

    From Zero to Ten

  8. Amnèsia


  9. Casomai


  10. The Winter

    The Winter

  11. The Best Day of My Life

    The Best Day of My Life

  12. Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive

  13. Gosford Park
    Best Foreign Director

    Gosford Park

  14. No Man's Land
    Best Editing

    No Man's Land

  15. Lantana


  16. One Man Up

    One Man Up

  17. Kandahar


  18. Iris
  19. Light of My Eyes

    Light of My Eyes

  20. The Dervish

    The Dervish

  21. Momo


  22. Santa Maradona

    Santa Maradona

  23. Sons and Daughters

    Sons and Daughters

  24. The Prince and the Pirate

    The Prince and the Pirate

  25. Vajont
  26. Quartet


  27. Sailing Home

    Sailing Home

  28. Red Moon

    Red Moon

  29. Probably Love

    Probably Love