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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

  1. Our Day Will Come

    Our Day Will Come

  2. Road to Nowhere

    Road to Nowhere

  3. Black Venus

    Black Venus

  4. The Troll Hunter

    The Troll Hunter

  5. Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)

    Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)

  6. Old Cats

    Old Cats

  7. Father


  8. A Letter to Elia

    A Letter to Elia

  9. Detroit Wild City

    Detroit Wild City

  10. The Nine Muses

    The Nine Muses

  11. The Cage

    The Cage

  12. Nokas


  13. A Quiet Life

    A Quiet Life

  14. The Good Life
    Best Documentary

    The Good Life

  15. Oxygen


  16. Flowers of Evil

    Flowers of Evil

  17. Homeland


  18. Hello, How Are You?

    Hello, How Are You?

  19. The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González

    The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González

  20. Identity Card

    Identity Card

  21. Walking Too Fast

    Walking Too Fast

  22. At the Edge of Russia

    At the Edge of Russia

  23. We Believed

    We Believed

  24. One Way Ticket

    One Way Ticket

  25. The Runaway

    The Runaway

  26. Coal in the Soul

    Coal in the Soul

  27. Declaration of Immortality
    Best Documentary Short

    Declaration of Immortality

  28. Claes


  29. Belvedere


  30. Saint


  31. Undercurrent


  32. Matchmaking Mayor

    Matchmaking Mayor

  33. I Love Luci

    I Love Luci

  34. The Erotic Man

    The Erotic Man

  35. King's Road

    King's Road

  36. Head Hands Heart

    Head Hands Heart