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Locarno International Film Festival

  1. One Day and Nothing
    Silver Pardino - Leopards of Tomorrow (National Competition)

    One Day and Nothing

  2. Stones


  3. Borders of Europe #6 - Yotvata

    Borders of Europe #6 - Yotvata

  4. The Fire, the Blood, the Stars

    The Fire, the Blood, the Stars

  5. La battue

    La battue

  6. With the Dust

    With the Dust

  7. This Smell of Sex

    This Smell of Sex

  8. Nowhere Promised Land

    Nowhere Promised Land

  9. A Dog's Dream

    A Dog's Dream

  10. Cuilos


  11. The Heart of Jenin

    The Heart of Jenin

  12. The North Road

    The North Road

  13. The Path

    The Path

  14. My Time Will Come

    My Time Will Come

  15. 33 Scenes from Life

    33 Scenes from Life

  16. Doomed Love

    Doomed Love

  17. Possibility of an Island

    Possibility of an Island

  18. Roots


  19. The Blue Bull

    The Blue Bull

  20. Feast of Villains
    Special Mention

    Feast of Villains

  21. Playing


  22. Son of Rambow
    Audience Award

    Son of Rambow

  23. The Mother

    The Mother

  24. Drifter


  25. Cochochi


  26. Stranded


  27. Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory

  28. On the Line

    On the Line

  29. Diary of a Moviegoer

    Diary of a Moviegoer

  30. Borders of Europe #3 - Imatra

    Borders of Europe #3 - Imatra

  31. Servicios prestados

    Servicios prestados

  32. In the Mean Time, in an Other Part of the Forest

    In the Mean Time, in an Other Part of the Forest

  33. The Other Half

    The Other Half

  34. Borders of Europe #4 - Talsi

    Borders of Europe #4 - Talsi

  35. The Caiman

    The Caiman

  36. Bog of Beasts

    Bog of Beasts